“Life is rough, Beer is smooth”

Finely crafted locally produced beer in the heart of Knowlton, Quebec

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    Bière de Table Camerise & Rhubarbe

    Saison with Nugget, Cascade, and Sorachi Ace hops. With a light alcohol content, made with 100% Quebec ingredients. Like any saison, the aroma profile is mainly yeast driven, which gives it a rustic, farmhouse feel. This is combined with a light body, which accentuates the drinkability. Compared to our first table beer, this one has an addition of local rhubarb and haskap berries that gives it a beautiful red color and a refreshing touch of acidity.

    Discover more
    Discover more

    Hand-tossed, Wood
    burning, Delicious pizzas

    Watch Stu throw some dough in the air to make you the best pizza in all of Knowlton.


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