The flightless chicken (chickens wings)

Beer brine wings, dry or wet. Choice of Buffalo butter sauce or homemade BBQ Sauce. Served with ranch dipping sauce

6 for $11$ / 12 for $18


Corn chips, Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese, marinated veg topping, sour cream and salsa


Classic Poutine


French Fries

Small $6 / Large $9


The Old Roman (Caesar salad)

Romaine, homemade Caesar dressing, croutons, capers, anchovies, bacon, lemon, shaved Grana Padano.


Greener pasture

Arcadian mix, balsamic dressing, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, topped with a pecorino chip and lacto-fermented garlic carrot.



Our sandwiches are served on our house made sourdough bun carefully fermented for 72 hours. Always served with delicious french fries.

Sandwiches only available from 11:00 am to 3:00pm

The Italian Villain

Mustard pesto, Spicy honey, Capicolo, Fior di latte, Mixed salads, Tomatoes, Sea salt


Italian Hero

Pepperoni and Calabrese, Mozzarella, roasted red pepper, romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing.



Served on our homemade 72 hour ferment sourdough crust

Plain Jane (margarita)

KCo tomato sauce, Fresh mozzarella, shredded mozzarella, basil, topped Grand Padano


Frontier (pepperoni)

KCo tomato sauce, sliced mozzarella, pepperoni, ranch


Truffle Hunter

Herbed olive oil, fresh mozzarella, Pecorino, cremini mushroom, oregano, Prosciutto and truffle oil



KCo tomato sauce, sliced mozzarella, Capicola, spicy honey



KCo tomato sauce, Fresh mozzarella, Calabrese, pepperoncini, basil


Alfredo spicy pizza

Alfredo sauce, sliced mozzarella, red onion, cherry tomatoes, Homemade Italian sausage, Pecorino


The PETA approved (veggie)

KCo tomato sauce, roasted red peppers, spinach, cherry tomatoes, eggplant puree, red onions


Cedric’s weekly special

Week's special. Ask your server for details

Market price

Extras & Sides

Meat Extras

Prosciutto, Calabrese, Sausage, Capicollo, Bacon, Pepperoni


Cheese extras

Mozzarella, Fior de latte, Pecorino, Grand Pandano



switch fries for a cesar


Green salad

switch fries for a green salad



switch fries for a Poutine


5oz Bottle of Ducking hot sauce

Homemade Fermented Hot sauce


Buy a round for the staff

give a pint of beer to each staff member.



S’mores dessert pizza.

Pizza crust topped with chocolate sauce, roasted marshmallows, crushed Graham cracker and fleur de sel


Meet our chef,

Organizer by way of lists—especially in the kitchen. When not slinging pizza dough, the Township dream life is being lived out with the wife and two girls.

Q: Favorite Knowlton Co. brew?

My favorite brew would be the Traditional Cream Ale because it goes down so easily.

Q: Best time to enjoy a beer?

After working in the yard nothing beats a cold beer.

Q: What’s a must-do when visiting Knowlton?

Hanging out at the beach while enjoying a picnic and a great view.

Q: Ideal pizza toppings?

I love mushrooms. They’re all good but porcini is my favourite.

Q: Sweet or salty?

Hello, my name is Stu and I’m a sugar addict. My vice is chocolate.

Q: Coffee, tea or something pressed in the morning?

I’m useless before I down a double cappuccino.

Q: Are you singing in the shower? If so, what tune?

I spare everyone from my singing except my daughters who are subject to my rhymes.

Q: Any activity to get the heart beating?

I enjoy late-night stretching by the fireside.

Q: What's Youtube recommending you?

Action / Marvel movie trailers and knife smithing videos.

Q: Is there a podcast playing in your earphones?

Boring... I prefer rocking out to tunes. It’s probably the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack.

Q: Any books or magazines in your life?

Why read a book when you can watch the movie?

Q: What meal are you indulging in when it’s your birthday?

All you can eat lobster and oysters.

Meet the whole team
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