Porter Anglaise

This porter is inspired by the Brown Porter style (BJCP). This beer is a brewer’s interpretation because it is lighter and easier to drink than most Porter beers currently on the market.

Inspired by the English workers’ beers of the 1920s, this almost opaque porter has aromas of caramel, chocolate and a light roast reminiscent of coffee. Although it is dark in color, the English porter is smooth, light and easy to drink.

Summary: Although dark in color, English Porter is smooth, light and easy to drink.


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IBU 25 Alc./Vol 5.5%
Availability All Year
HopsEast Kent Golding, Triple Pearl.
IngredientsWater, Base roasted Malted Barley (Canadian), Rye, Hops, Yeast
IllustrationMathilde Filippi