Ale de Blé Américaine

Unfiltered wheat beer, but not to be confused with a white beer! In a white beer, the yeast gives a lot of character to the beer (Banana, Clove), here, it is a more neutral and slightly leaking yeast. The richness of the wheat gives body to the beer, which makes it a little less light than a traditional blonde, but it is nevertheless easy to drink. This beer is hopped American style with strong aromatic, very fruity hops and no bittering hops were used.

Summary: This ale is rich and fruity, but very easy to drink.


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IBU 15 Alc./Vol 5%
Availability All Year
HopsCitra, Azacca, Cascade
IngredientsWater, Barley, Wheat and Malted Rye (Canadian), Hops, Yeast
IllustrationMathilde Filippi