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Covid 19

La Knowlton Co’s Covid-19 Etiquette:

  • Stay home if experiencing Covid-19 symptoms
  • Be ready to provide contact information when dining in
  • Sanitize upon entry
  • Pay by card payment when possible
  • Maintain a physical distance of 2m
  • Max group seating of 6 per table (only two adults per table)
  • Follow the signs directing the flow of foot traffic
  • Avoid blocking or congregating entry and exit points

La Knowlton Co’s COVID-19 Safety Plan

We are committed to welcoming our staff and guests back safely. Our goal is to mitigate the proliferation of and the risk associated with the transmission of COVID-19 in our workplace and our community. To do so, we have developed the following plan in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Owners, managers, and workers are all responsible for implementing and abiding by this plan. Full cooperation between our team and our guests is required to establish and maintain the safety of everyone. This plan is subject to immediate changes as per notices from public health authorities.

Thank you for your patience and participation as we navigate ourselves through changes in our service. We ask that you do your part to keep yourselves and our employees healthy and safe by following all signage, guidelines, and instructions. If you have any questions or comments, please speak to one of our staff or write us at info@laknowltonco.com.

Our safety plan has been developed by utilizing the following resources:

Our safety plan has been developed by addressing and making changes to 3 pillars of our business: Guest guidelines, staff guidelines, and changes to our services.

For our guests

  • Guest entry protocol – we ask that if you are experiencing symptoms, have travelled outside of Canada or have come into contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 that you do not enter the brewery.
  • Guest entry approval– guests must make a reservation before entering the building for our dining service. Guests must also provide proof of residency in our health region by presenting staff with a government-issued ID. Non-primary residents are accepted as per the Quebec government’s regulations. All dining guests are required to sign-in with their contact information (name and phone number).
  • Guest sanitization – Our policy is that guests (and/or anyone else entering the building) sanitize before or as they enter the premises. We have placed hand sanitizer and handwashing stations within accessible reach throughout the premises (retail entrance, patio and tasting room entrance and washrooms).
  • Guest social distancing – We have enabled 2m of social distancing between tables and guests waiting in the pick-up line. We have placed signage and placement markers to encourage social distancing. To accommodate differing guest preferences, our washrooms have a limit of 2 people at a time. Our retail area has signage in place advising the limit of guests and instructions to stay in line for the cash until prompted forwards.
  • Payment – We will encourage our guests to avoid separating bills and the use of contactless payments made by card.

For Our Staff

  • PPE – we supply new surgical masks to our staff every 3 hours and mandate the use of surgical grade masks.
  • Personal hygiene – we will encourage personal hygiene habits.
  • Sanitization – Staff have received training on our process of sanitization and where our high-traffic areas are and how best to advise guests.
  • Cleaning standards – we have added additional COVID-specific items to our cleaning checklists that are addressed periodically throughout our business operations.
  • Tools – Well-stocked refillable spray bottles with cleaning and disinfecting agents, cloths, sanitizer pails, paper towels are provided for use.

Our Services

  • Guest seating – reservation for tables is required. Only guests with reservations will be seated.
  • Digital menus– menus are found on our website or by scanning the barcodes found on tables, please bring a device. No physical menus will be provided.
  • We no longer offer bar service. At this time, will be offering table service only. Servers will approach one side of the table, which has been kept clear for them. This allows our service to operate while maintaining a safe social distance between servers and guests.
  • Single-use items – To encourage frequent sanitization, our tables will be left empty until a guest arrives. Prewrapped cutlery, drinking water and individual servings of hot sauce will be brought upon request.
  • Discontinued table condiments – we have reduced the number of menus on-hand and discontinued table caddies (hot sauce, cutlery, napkins, salt and pepper) and candles.
  • Strategically crafted menu – designed to minimize the amount of staff needed in the kitchen to help maintain social distancing.
  • Pick up orders and pre-orders – we will no longer offer Squamish beer home delivery. We will continue to offer online store order pick-up in our retail store with proper protocol and designated areas differentiating between retail store and tasting room/patio to minimize traffic.
  • The right to refuse service to guests – similar to refusing to serve an intoxicated individual, we reserve the right to refuse service if guests display symptoms of COVID-19 or refuse to abide by the protocols set in place to keep our staff and guests safe. In such cases, management should be notified as soon as possible and shall help deal with the situation.

At La Knowlton Co we want you to feel as safe as possible to return to work and we have outlined the following safety plan to assist in this. Our goal is to also protect our customers and ensure you can communicate clearly and without hesitation about guidelines that are put in place for your protection and theirs.

We encourage you to be honest and provide feedback to our managers about the new normal we are heading into. Please also have patience with them as we are working hard to provide you with a safe working space to return to.

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